NIT Jalandhar Syllabus For Structural Analysis III SEM

Structural Analysis Syllabus NIT Jalandhar III SEM


CE 202 Structural Analysis – I [3 1 0 4]

Introduction: Need of analysis, techniques of structural idealization, basic tools of analysis,
reactions in structure, notations and sign conventions, free – body diagrams, static determinacy,
stability of structures, principle of superposition, loads on structures.
Plane Trusses: Introduction, member arrangement in a truss, stability and determinacy, roof and
bridge trusses, analysis of trusses, notations and sign conventions, equations of condition, zero
load test, classification of trusses.
Deflection of Beams: Introduction, direct integration method, moment – area method, conjugate
beam method, Principle of virtual work, unit load method, Betti’s law, Maxwell’s law, Castigliano’s
Combined Bending and Axial Loads: Introduction, limit of eccentricity for no tension in the
section, core of the section, middle third rule, wind pressure on chimneys, forces on dams.
Rolling Loads Introduction to rolling loads and influence lines, Determination of shear force,
bending moment at a section and absolute shear force and bending moment due to single point
load, uniformly distributed load, several point loads etc.
Influence lines: Introduction, moving loads, influence lines, influence lines for reactions, shear
force and bending moment, influence lines for beams, girders with floor beams, trusses and arches,
absolute maximum B. M. & S. F, Muller Breslau Principle
Arches: Introduction, curved beams, arch versus a beam, three hinged arch, moment, shears and
normal thrust in three hinged arches
Cables and Suspension Bridges: Introduction, shape of a loaded cable, cable carrying point
loads and UDL, cables with ends at different level, cable subjected to temperature stresses,
suspension bridge with two hinged and three hinged stiffening girders, influence lines.
Statically determinate space Trusses:
Concurrent forces in space, moment of force, constraint of point in space, tension coefficient
method, simple space trusses, method of sections.
Books Recommended:
1. Utku S, Norris C H and Wilbur J B “Elementary Structural Analysis, McGraw Hill, New
York, 1990
2. Jain A K “Elementary Structural Analysis” Nem Chand & Brothers, Roorkee, 1990
3. Reddy C S “Basic Structural Analysis” Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi, 2003
4. Hibbeler C “Structural Analysis” Pearson Publishers, New Delhi, 2002
5. Punmia B C, Jain A K and Jain A K “Theory of Structures” Luxmi Publications, 2000.

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