NIT Jalandhar Syllabus for Soil Mechanics

Soil Mechanics Syllabus for

NIT Jalandhar V SEM


CE 305 Soil Mechanics [3 1 0 4]

Basic Concepts: Definition of soil and soil mechanics common soil problem in Civil Engineering
field. Principal types of soils. Important properties of very fine soil i. e. adsorbed water, base
exchange and soil structure. Characteristics of main clay mineral groups. Basic definitions in soil
mechanics. Weight volume relationship physical properties of soils.
Index Properties: Determination of Index properties, classification of coarse grained soils and
fine grained soils.
Permeability and seepage: Concept of effective stress principle. Seepage pressure, critical
hydraulic gradient and quick sand condition. Capillary phenomenon in soil. Darcy’s law and its
validity seepage velicity. Co-efficient of permeability and its determination average permeability
of striated soil mass Factors affecting ‘K’ and brief discussion.
Compaction: Definition and object of compaction and concept of O.M.C. and zero Air Void Line.
Modified proctor test. Factors affecting compaction. Effect of compaction on soil properties and
their discussion. Field compaction methods their comparison of performance and relative
suitability. Field compactive effort. Field control of compaction by proctor needle.
Consolidation: Definition and object of consolidation difference between compaction and
consolidation. Concept of various consolidation characteristics i.e. av, mv and Cv primary and
secondary consolidation. Terzaghi’s method for one-dimensional consolidation. Consolidation
test. Determination of Cv from curve fitting methods. Normally consolidated and over
consolidated clays importance of consolidation settlement in the design of structures. Shear
Strength: Stress analysis of a two – dimensional stress system by Mohr circle. Concept of pole.
Coulomb’s law of shear strength Coulomb – Mohr strength theory. Relations between principle
stresses at failure Shear strength tests. Derivation of skempton’s pore pressure parameters.
Stress strain and volume change characteristics of sands.
Books Recommended
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Sons, New York, 1995.
2. Terzaghi K “Theoretical Soil Mechanics”, John Wiley and Sons, New York, 1943
3. Ranjan G and Rao ASR “Basic and Applied Soil Mechanics” New Age International Pvt.
Ltd., Publishers, New Delhi, 2000
4. Murthy V N S Geotechnical Engineering: Principles and Practices of Soil Mechanics
and Foundation Engineering (Civil Engineering) “, 2002.
5. Donald P. Coduto “Foundation Design: Principles and Practices”, Pearson
Education,Eastern Economy Edition, 2000.

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