NIT Jalandhar Syllabus for Numerical Methods IV SEM

Numerical Methods Syllabus for

NIT Jalandhar IV SEM


MA Numerical Methods [3 1 0 4]

Equations: Roots of algebraic transcendental equations, Solution of linear simultaneous
equations by different methods using elimination, iteration, inversion, Gauss-Jordan and
Corout’s methods. Homegeneous problems and eigenvalue proble 8, Non-linear equations,
intgerpolation, differentiation and evaluation of single and multiple integrals. FORTRAN problems
for soil of equations.
Finite Difference Technique: Initial and boundary value problems of ordinary and partial
differential equations. Solutions. Solution of various types of plates.
New Marks Methods: Solution of determinate and indeterminate structures by using newmarks
procedure. (beams, columns. Beam on Elastic Foundations, Plates).
Statistical Methods: Methods of correlation and regression analysis. Fortran programme for
fitting a polynomial equation by least squares.
Initial Value Problems: Galerk is method of least squares. Initial value problem by collocation
points, Runngek Iulla method and its Fortran program.
Books Recommended
1. Sastry S S, “Introductory Methods of Numerical Analysis”, 3rd Ed. Prentice Hall of India Pvt.
Limited , New Delhi, 1999.
2. Schilling R J, Harries S L, “Applied Numerical Methods for Engineers( Using MATLAB and
C)”, Thomsan Asia Pvt. Limited, Singapore, 2002
3. Gerald C F, Wheatley P O, “ Applied Numerical Analysis”, 5th Ed (First ISE Reprint) Addison
–Wesley Publishing Company, 1998.
4. Chapra S C, Canale R P, “ Numerical Methods for Engineers”, 2nd Ed., McGraw Hill,
Singapore , 1990.
5. Gupta S K, “ Numerical Methods for Engineers”, Ist Edition, New Age International Private
Limited, New Delhi, 1998.

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