NIT Jalandhar Syllabus for Digital Electronics

Digital Electronics EC Syllabus

NIT Jalandhar


EC-205 Digital Electronics [3 1 0 4]

Number Systems And Boolean Algebra: Review of Number systems, Radix conversion, Complements 9’s &10’s, Subtraction using 1’s & 2’s complements, Binary codes, Error detecting and Correcting codes, Theorems of Boolean algebra, Canonical forms, Logic gates. (6)
Digital Logic Families: Introduction to bipolar Logic families: RTL, DCTL, DTL, TTL, ECL and MOS
Logic families: NMOS, PMOS, CMOS, Details of TTL logic family – Totem pole, open collector outputs, TTL subfamilies, Comparison of different logic families. (7)
Combinational Logic: Representation of logic functions, Simplification using Karnaugh map, Tabulation method, Implementation of combinational logic using standard logic gates, Multiplexers and Demultiplexers, Encoders and Decoders, Code Converters, Adders, Subtractors, Parity Checker and Magnitude Comparator.
Sequential Logic Concepts And Components: Flip flops – SR, JK, D and T flip flops – Level triggering and edge triggering, Excitation tables – Counters – Asynchronous and synchronous type Modulo counters, design with state equation state diagram, Shift registers, type of registers, circuit diagrams. (7)
D/A And A/D Converters: Weighted resistor type D/A Converter, Binary ladder D/A converter, Steady state accuracy test, D/A accuracy and resolution, Parallel A/D Converter, counter type A/D converter, Successive approximation A/D converter, Single and Dual slope A/D converter, A/D accuracy and resolution. (6)
Semiconductor Memories: Memory organization, Classification, and characteristics of memories, Sequential memories, ROMs, R/W memories, Content Addressable memories, Charged-Coupled Device memory, PLA, PAL and Gate Array. (7)

Books Recommended

1. Malvino and Leach “Digital principles and Applications” Tata McGraw Hill.
2. Jain R P “Modern Digital Electronics”, Tata McGraw-Hill, Third Edition, (2003)
3. Mano M Morris, “Digital Design” Pearson Education, Third Edition, (2006)
4. James W. Bignell and Robert Donovan, “ Digital Electronics”, 5th Edition (2007)
5. Flecther “An Engineering Approach to Digital Design”, Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi.
6. Tocci Ronald J “Digital Systems-Principles and Applications” Prentice Hall of India, New

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