NIT Jalandhar Syllabus CE Estimating and Costing 4th Sem

Estimating and Costing Syllabus

 NIT Jalandhar


 CE 402 Estimating and Costing


Estimates: Types, complete set of estimate, working drawings, site plan, layout plan, index plan, plinth area administrative approval and Technical Sanction.
(i) Estimate of buildings
(ii) Estimate of R. C.C. works
(iii) Estimate of sloped roof and steel structures
(iv) Estimate of water supply and sanitary works
(v) Estimates of roads (a) Earthwork (b) Bridges and culverts c) Pavement
(vi) Estimate of Irrigation works.

Analysis of Rates: For earthwork, concrete works, D. P. C., Brickwork, stone masonry, plastering, pointing, road work, carriage of materials.

Specifications: General specification for different classes of building, detailed specifications for various Civil Engineering Works.

Contracts: Types of contracts, tender, tender notice, tender form, submission and opening of tender, earnest money, security money, measurement book, muster roll, piecework agreement and work order

Accounts: Division of accounts, cash, receipts of money, cashbook, temporary advance, imprest and accounting procedure.

Arbitration: Arbitration, arbitrator, and arbitration act, powers of arbitrator, arbitration awards.


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