NIT Jalandhar Microprocessors and Applications Syllabus

Microprocessors and Applications  Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar

 Microprocessors and Applications

 Introduction to 8-Bit Microprocessor: General 8-bit Microprocessor and its architecture – Intel 8085 Microprocessor, Pin Configuration, CPU Architecture, Registers, ALU Control Unit, Stack.
Microprocessor Instruction Set (INTEL 8085): Complete instruction set of INTEL 8085, instruction format, types of instructions, various addressing modes, Timing diagrams – T-states, machine cycles, instruction cycle.

Assembly Language Programming: Programming of Microprocessors using 8085 instructions, use of
Arithmetic, logical, Data transfer, stack and I/O instructions in programming, Interrupt in 8085.
Peripherals and Interfacing for 8085 Microprocessors: Memory interfacing, I/O interfacing – memory mapped and peripheral mapped I/O, Data transfer schemes – Programmed, Interrupt driven and Direct memory Access (DMA) data transfers, Block diagram representation, Control word formats, modes and Simple programming of 8255A PPI, 8254 Programmable Interval Timer, 8259A programmable Interrupt Controller, 8237 DMA Controller, Key board / display controller, Interfacing of Data converters (A/D & D/A), Serial I/O and data communication

Introduction to 8086 Microprocessors: Architecture of 8086, block diagram, register set, flags, Queuing, concept of segmentation, Pin description, operating modes, addressing modes and interrupts.

Applications of Microprocessors: Applications of microprocessors in temperature, pressure, flow and level control in processes.

Books Recommended

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2. B. Ram, “Fundamentals of Microprocessors and Microcomputers”, Dhanpat Rai and Sons, N. Delhi., 4th Ed. (1993).
3. Liu Yu-Cheng, “Microcomputer Systems”, The 8086/8088 family, 2nd Ed. PHI, New Delhi (1986)
4. Mathur A P, ”Introduction to Microprocessors”, 3rd Ed., TMH, New Delhi (1996).
5. Ray A.K. and Bhurchandi K.M. “Advanced Microprocessor and peripherals: Architecture programming and interfacing” 1st Ed. TMH New Delhi (2001)

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