NIT Jalandhar Introduction to Management Syllabus for 1st Year

NIT Jalandhar Introduction to Management Syllabus for 1st Year

HM-103 Introduction to Management

1. Nature of Management: Definition, function, process and significance of management, management vs administration, management science or art, universality of management, management as a profession, professionalization of management, management by objectives.

2. School of Management Thought: Contribution of Henry Fayal, F.W Taylor, Elton Mayo, Peter F, Druckers, Dogulas Megregor, system approach, contingency or situational approach of management.

3. Function of Management:
Planning, meaning, characteristics, significance, steps in planning, types of plans.
Organizing:- definition, nature, process, significance, departmentation.
Directing:- leadership, styles of leadership, rensis likerts management system, theories of
Motivation:- definition, types, significance, motivation theories- AH. Maslow, Fredrick Herzberg & their relation.
Controlling :- meaning, characteristic, control process, control areas, essentials of effective control, importance.

4. Decision Making: Definition, types of decision, its importance & significance, decision making process, strategic & tactical decision, decision support system.

5. Coordination: Definition, features, importance & significance, technique of coordination.

6. Production planning/ Production system:- Production planning & control, elements, objects & function of production planning & control, production cycle, production system, quality circle, total quality management.

Books Recommended

1. Koontz. Hand Weihrich H, “Essentials of Management”, 5th Ed., Tata McGraw-Hills, New Delhi, (1998)
2. Prasad L M, “Principles and practices of Management”, 5th Ed., Sultan Chand and Sons, New, Delhi (1999)
3. Stoner J A F, Freeman R E and Gilbert D R, “Management”, 6th Ed., Prentice Hall of India, New, Delhi (2002)
4. Singh R N, “Management Thought and Thinkers”, 2nd Ed., Sultan Chand and Sons, New Delhi, (1999)

NIT Jalandhar Introduction to Management Syllabus for 1st Year

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