NIT Jalandhar Hydro Power CE Engineering Syllabus

Hydro Power Engineering Syllabus

 NIT Jalandhar


CE 436 Hydro Power Engineering 

Introduction: Waterpower Development – its types, distribution and use
World’s largest hydropower generating plants, Estimate of flow rate and waterpower, Peak Load
hydropower plants,
Dams: Classifications, types, site selection for dams.
Gravity Dams: Forces acting on gravity dams, Modes of failure, principal and shear stresses,
Elementary profile of a gravity dam, high and low gravity dams, profile of a dam from practical
considerations, stability analysis methods.
Joints and galleries in gravity dams
Arch Dams: Types, methods for design of arch dam.
Buttress Dams: Types, forces acting on Buttress dam, stability analysis.
Spillways: Spillway capacity, classification of Spillways, Design of Ogee Spillway, Stilling Basins,
Spillway crest gates.
Intake structures: functions, location, intake type, trash rack, dimension, design, spacing of bars,
method of cleaning, shape of inlet, power canal, location, site, forebay, size, capacity, gates and
Tunnels: geometric and hydraulic design, penstock, location, type, Economical diameter of
Surge tank: Functions, type, Design of Surge tank, methods of surge analysis, Restricted orifice
and differential surge tanks, downstream surge tanks.
Power House: Location, site and general arrangements, draft tubes, tail trace and their hydraulic
design, turbines, number, make, size, type, characteristics and efficiency, pumps, Generators,
exciters, switchboard, transformers and other accessories.
Books Recommended
1. Barrows H K “Water Power Engineering” Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Ltd.
New Delhi, 1999.
2. Varshney R S “Hydro Power Structures” Nem Chand & Bros., Roorkee, 2000.
3. Garg S K “Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures” Khanna Publishers, New
Delhi, 1998.
4. Galce A A “Handbook of Dam Engineering” Van Nostrang Rheinhold Co., New York,
5. Justin J D and Creager W P “Engineering for Dams” Vols. 1 to 3, John Wiley & Sons,
New York, 1998.

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