NIT Hamirpur Syllabus Soil Dynamics


NIT Hamirpur Syllabus SOIL DYNAMICS



1. Introduction: Soil mechanics and soil dynamics, Nature ofdynamic loads, Stress conditions on soil

elements under earthquake loading, Problems of dynamic loading of soil and soil structures.

Earthquakes causes, origin, classification and effects.

2. Vibration theory: Undamped and damped vibrations, Forced vibrations with harmonic

excitation, System under transient vibrations, Rayleigh’s method, Logarithmic decrement,

Determination    of    viscous    damping,    Transmissibility,    Principles    of    vibration    measuring

instruments, (vibration), Systems with multi degree of freedom, Spectral response.

3. Wave propagation:   Wave propagation in an elastic rod, elastic infinite medium, semi?infinite

elastic half space, Waves generated by a surface footing.

4. Dynamic properties: Introduction to dynamic tests, Pendulum loading apparatus, Behavior of

saturated sands under transit loading, Effects of static stress level and number of pulses on

strength of cohesive solids, Oscillatory simple shear,    Resonant    column    apparatus,   Wave  

propagation  methods,  Block  resonance  test, Cyclic plate load test.

5. Dynamic Earth pressure: Behavior of retaining walls during earthquakes, Modification on

Coulomb’s    theory    Modified    Cullman’s    construction,    Analytical    solution    of    c??    soils,

displacement analysis, Indian standard code of practice.

6. Dynamic bearing capacity :   Earthquake    load   on   footing,   Effect   of   horizontal    load   and

moment,  Dynamic  analysis  for  vertical  and  horizontal loads.

7. Liquefaction:  Theory and criterion of liquefaction, factors affecting liquefaction characteristics,   

Liquefaction studies in triaxial shear and oscillatory simple shear, Evaluation of liquefaction

potential, Liquefaction analysis from standard penetration test data, Introduction to shake

table and field test.

8. Machine foundation:    Vertical   sliding, Rocking, Yawing vibrations of a block, Simultaneous

rocking sliding and vertical vibrations of a block, India standards for design of foundations for

reciprocating machines and impact type of machines.

Text books:

1. Saran Swami, Soil dynamics and machine foundations, Galgotia Publications, New Delhi.

2. Das, Braja M. Principles of soil dynamics, Thomson Learning, Australia.

Reference Books:

1. Prakash, Shamsher,   Soil dynamics   McGraw?Hill, New York.

2. Bureau of Indian Standards,   Glossary of terms relating to soil dynamics, Bureau of

Indian Standards , New Delhi

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