NIT Hamirpur Syllabus Highway Engineering and Flyovers





 1. Road Development and Planning: Road cross?section, Necessity of transportation planning,     

Classification of roads, Road patterns, Planning surveys, Saturation system

2. Highway Location and Alignment: Ideal alignment and factor controlling, Engineering survey for

highway location, Drawing and Reports, Highway projects  

3. Highway Geometric Design: Highway cross?section elements, Sight distances, Design of horizontal

alignment, Transition curves and Vertical alignment, Design aspects of hill roads.       

4. Traffic Engineering: Traffic characteristics, Traffic studies and their uses, Traffic flow characteristics,

Traffic data collection, traffic control devices, Intersections & Rotaries, Traffic signs, Road markings,


5. Pavement Design: Design factors, Design of Pavement materials, CBR, Group Index and Burmister

methods, Design of rigid pavements, Pavement material and their characteristics.

6. Construction of Roads:   Construction of water bound macadam roads, bituminous pavements,

cement concrete roads, design and construction of joints in cement concrete pavements.

7. Highway Maintenance: Pavement failures, maintenance of highway pavement, evaluation and

strengthening of existing pavements.

8. Flyovers: Grade separated intersections, Clover leaf, Design of flyovers

Text Books:

1. Highway Engineering         S K Khanna and C E G Justo

2. Principles of Transportation EngineeringPartha Chakraborty and Animesh Das

Reference Books:

1. Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning L R Kadiyali

2. Highway Vol. 1 and 2        C A O Flaherty

3. Highway Engineering        S K Sharma

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