NIT Hamirpur Syllabus Environmental Sciences and Disaster Management


NIT Hamirpur Syllabus  Environmental Sciences and Disaster Management


  Environmental Sciences and Disaster Management 

Scope of Civil Engineering, Role of Civil Engineers, Impact of Infrastructural developments on economy

of country, Planning, Scheduling and Construction Management

Surveying-Modern Surveying Instruments, Global Positioning System, Automatic level , Concepts and

application of GIS, Remote Sensing and their applications 

Environmental Pollution, Prediction and assessment of impacts on air, water, biota, noise, cultural and

socio-economic environment. Classification of aerosols, gases vapors, natural air pollutants, properties of

air pollutants. Green house effect, acid rains, ozone hole, heat islands.

Seismology  Earthquake occurrence in the world, causes of earthquake, plate tectonics, earthquake

mechanism, faults & alinements, Seismic zoning map of India and its use, focus, epicenter, seismic waves,

magnitude, intensity, intensity scale and its correlation with ground acceleration, Isoseismals,

characteristics of strong ground motions and attenuation, Earthquake statistics, Earthquake recording


Performance of building and secondary earthquake effects -Main causes of damage – Intensity of

earthquake forces, lack of strength and integrity in buildings, resonance and semi- resonance, lack of

ductility, lack of detailing.

Secondary Effects- Land and rock slides, liquefaction, fires, tsunamis, floods, release of poisonous gases

and radiation, lifeline structures.

Lessons learnt from the past Indian earthquakes, Major world earthquakes, Damage assessment

Aseismic Design of Structures Philosophy and principles of earthquake resistance design- Strength

and stiffness, ductility design and detailing, design of energy absorbing devices, concepts of seismic base

isolation and seismic active control.

Do’s and Don’ts before during and after earthquakes


Basic Civil Engineering by Satheesh Gopi

Civil Engineering Materials and their Testing by Syed Danish Hasan

Surveying By S.K. Duggal

Engineering Graphics with Auto CAD by James D. Bethune

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