NIT Hamirpur Syllabus Advanced Surveying

NIT Hamirpur Syllabus

Advanced Surveying



1. Triangulation and trilateration Triangulation?  network, strength of figures, selection of

stations, inter?visibility, satellite stations, measurements and computations, trigonometric


2. Geodesy: Earth, spherical trigonometry, convergence of meridians, latitude computation,

determination of bearing and distance, map projection.

3. Photogrammetry : Principle and types of aerial photographs, stereoscopy, Map Vs Mosaic,

ground control, Parallax measurements for height determinations

4. Hydrographic survey: Shoreline and river survey, soundings?  methods, equipment and

ranges locating sounding

5. Global Positioning System (GPS): GPS principles, Satellite navigation System, GPS?  Space

segment, Control segment, User segment, GPS satellite signals, Receivers, Static, Kinematic

and Differential GPS



1. Surveying – Vol.2& 3        : Punmia .B.C.

2. Surveying – Vol 2&3        : Arora.K.R.

3. Higher Surveying         : A. M.Chandra

4. Engineering Survey        : W. Schofield;

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