NIT Goa syllabus Computer Science Engineering Network Security

NIT Goa syllabus

Computer Science Engineering







Discussion of known types of attacks on computer and networks, and techniques used by attackers

today. Firewall: Packet Filtering, Circuit-Level Gateways; Application-Level Gateways, Firewall

Configurations, Intrusion Control:- Detection; Anomaly-Based IDS Intrusion Recovery;

Vulnerability Scanners; Login, Audit, and Sniffers, Communication Security Network Access Layer;

– Internet Layer – Transport Layer; Application Layer – Message Security Risk Analysis, Policies,

Procedures and Enforcement. Special Topics : DOS Mitigation ,VPNs Special  Topics: Viruses,


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– Prentice Hall, 2002.

William Stallings, Network Security Essentials, 2/e, Pearson Education, 2003

Atul Kahate, Cryptography & Network Security,  McGraw Hill, 2003.

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