NIT Goa syllabus Computer Science Engineering I Sem Computer Organisation and Architecture






NIT Goa syllabus Computer Science Engineering | 1st Sem    COMPUTER ORGANISATION AND ARCHITECTURE 








Logical organization of computers; Processor basics, CPU organization, Data Representation,

Instruction Sets, Data path design, Fixed Point arithmetic, ALU design, Control design: Basic

concepts, Micro programmed Control & hardwired; Introduction to parallel processing: Principles of

pipeline and vector processing. Multiprocessor architectures and programming.

J.P.Hayes Computer Architecture and organization III Edition, McGraw Hill, 1998.

Patterson and Henessy, Computer Architecture A quantitative approach, Morgan Kanfmann – 2000

Hwang and Briggs, Computer Architecture and parallel processing, McGraw Hill, 1985.

David A. Patterson & John L. Hennessy, Computer Organization and design, Morgan Kaufmann

Publ.,3rd edition.

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