NIT Delhi Syllabus Signals And Systems



NIT Delhi Syllabus






Signals & systems: continuous time & discrete time signals, exponential & sinusoidal signals, continuous &

discrete time systems.  linear time  invariant systems: discrete time  LTI  systems, continuous time  LTI

systems, properties of  LTI  systems.  fourier series representation of periodic signals: response of  LTI

systems to complex exponentials, fourier series representation of  CT  periodic signals.  continuous time

fourier transform: representation of a periodic signals by continuous FT, FT of periodic signals, time and

frequency characterization of signals and systems: magnitude and phase representation of FT, magnitude

and phase response of LTI systems. discrete time fourier transform & discrete fourier transform: properties of  DTFT and  DFT. sampling: sampling theorem, reconstruction of signal from its samples using

interpolation.  z-transform: inverse z transform, properties of ZT, signal flowgraphs: impulse response and

transfer function of linear systems, block diagrams, signal flow graphs, basic properties of  SFG, & SFG



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