NIT Delhi Syllabus Radio And Tv Engineering


NIT Delhi Syllabus

 Radio And TV Engineering



Elements of a Communication Systems, Low Level and High Level AM, AM Detector, SSB Modulator,

Synchronous Detector, FM Modulators, FET Phase Modulator, Foster-Seeley FM Discriminator, Ratio

Detector, AM Transmitter, FM Transmitter, SSB Transmitter,  TRF Radio Receiver, Superheterodyne

Receiver, RF Section, Mixer, IF Section, Image Frequency, AGC, SSB Transceiver, Special Features in

Communication Receiver. Television Broadcasting, TV Channels, TV Scanning, Indian TV Standards,

composite video Signal, H and V Scanning, Synchronization, Blanking Signal, video Signal Frequencies, TV

Cameras,  RGB Video Signals, Color Matrix, I and Q Signals, Chrominance Modulation, Color Sub-Carrier

Frequency, VSB Transmission, FM Sound Signal, Tricolor Picture Tubes, Y  Matrix, Functional Blocks of TV

Receiver, Video Detector and Amplifier, Sound IF section, Synch Separator, Chroma Section


1.  Communication Electronics: Principles and Applications – LOUIS E FRENZIL, 3/e, MGH., 2001.

2.  Electronic Communication Systems, GEORGE KENNEDY &BERNARD DAVIS, TMH, 4/e,  2000.

3.  Basic Televison and Video Systems, BERNARD GROB, 6/e.,  MGH, Singapore, 2000.

4.  Electronic Communication Modulation & Transmission, R.J. SCHOENBECK, 2/e, PHI, 1999.

5.  Modern Television Practice, Principles, Technology and Servicing,  R.R. GULATI,  2/e.,  New Age Intl.,


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