NIT Delhi Syllabus B Tech for Network Analysis


NIT Delhi Syllabus B Tech

Network Analysis





Circuit elements and relations :types of sources and source transformations. network graphs and analysis:

graph of a network, cutset and tieset matrices. time domain analysis: solution of network  equations  in

time domain-classical differential  equations approach. applications of laplace transforms in circuit theory:

laplace  transforms of various signals of excitation-waveform synthesis. steady state analysis of circuits for

sinusoidal excitations:1-phase  series, parallel, series  – parallel circuits  –   solution of ac networks using

mesh and nodal analysis. resonance and locus diagrams: series  and  parallel resonance  – selectivity  –

bandwidth  –    q  factors. locus  diagrams  for  RL  and  RC  circuits. network theorems and applications:

thevenins and nortons theorems; reciprocity  theorem, maximum power transfer theorem; their

applications in analysis of networks.


1. Network  Analysis,  3/e, M.E.VAN  VALKEN  BERG,  Prentice Hall.

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