NIT Delhi Syllabus Antennas And Propagation

NIT Delhi Syllabus

Antennas And Propagation




Radiation from an  alternating  current    element, Antenna  theorems,  effective lengths and  effective

aperture areas  of  antennas, directivity, gain and field  patterns  of    antennas, Two  element array, linear

array, multiplication of  patterns, effect of earth on vertical patterns, mutual impedance effects,  Binomial

arrays, Travelling wave radiators, Rhombic antennas,  Travelling wave radiators, Rhombic antennas, V.H.F.

and UH.F. antennas, Antenna measurements, Propagation of radio waves.



1) Electromagnetic waves & Radiating Systems,  ,   PHI, 1986.

2) Transmission and Propagation,  , HMSO, 1990.

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