NIT Agartala Syllabus of Machine Design-II

NIT Agartala Machine Design-II Syllabus 


ME-601   MACHINE DESIGN-II (3-1-0) 4

1. Fatigue consideration in design -Variable load- basic concept, Patterns of load or stress variations, S-N curve- fatigue strength and endurance limit, Factors influencing fatigue, Effect of stress concentration and fatigue stress concentration definition and its estimation from geometric stress concentration factor , Goodman and Soderberg’s relations,design for infinite life and finite life ,Methods for design of members under combined (steady and variable) loading conditions, Worked out examples on fatigue design problems

2.Design of gear tooth-Gears-types and application and gear terminology ,Analysis of forces on spur, and helical gears,Bending and contact stress in gear tooth,Lewise equation for design,Dynamic loading and wear-Buckingham equations for design,Force analysis on bevel and worm gears ,Design approach for bevel gears- equivalent tooth,Design of fixed ratio gear box- general design procedure,Determination of bearing reaction due to gear forces.

3.Design of sliding and journal bearings-Types of lubrication? hydro dynamic, hydro static and EHD lubrication, Petroff? sequation and the bearing characteristic number,Lubrication regimes? boundary and film lubrication, Hydro dynamic bearings? Pressure distribution?eccentricity and minimum film thickness,Reynolds equation,Heat generation and thermal equilibrium.

4.Design/analysis of Brakes clutches and fly wheels-Brakes and clutches -need and functioning, Plate clutches- design for uniform pressure and wear, brake-design/analysis,  Flywheel- Coefficient of fluctuation of speeds, fluctuation of energy, energy stored in flywheel. Stresses on flywheel ring, arms, Design of shafts, hub and Key. Design  of flywheel.


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