NIT Agartala Syllabus Material Science and Engineering

NIT Agartala material Science & Engineering Syllabus 


1. Structure of Materials: Crystalline structure of solids; Concept of unit cell and space lattice;
Miller indices; Crystal structure determination by X-ray diffraction ,optical method, Crystal
structure of ferrous and non ferrous metals; Crystal imperfection

2. Plastic Deformation: Mechanism of plastic deformation; Role of dislocation; Slip and Twinning; Strain hardening and recrystallisation; Elementary cause and treatment of creep fatigue and fracture.

3. Phase Diagram: Phase and Phase equilibrium; solidification of pure metals and alloys; Phase
diagrams; Eutectic, eutectoid; Peritectic and peritectoid systems; Allotropy of iron and Fe-C
4. Heat Treatment Introduction and purpose of heat treatment; T-T-T curve and micro constituents in steel heat treatment process like hardening, tempering, normalizing, annealing; Electrical, magnetic and optical properties of materials; Surface treatment processes.
5. Engineering Materials: Ferrous ;Pig iron ,Blast furnace, Cast iron, Cupola, steel, steel making
process, Carbon and alloy steel and their coding; Nonferrous; Aluminum; Copper Nickel;
Chromium; Zinc; Lead; Tin; Tungsten etc. and their alloys .Classification; Structure; General
properties and application of polymers, Ceramics and composites.
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