NIT Agartala Behavioral Sciencs & Management Syllabus

NIT Agartala Behavioral Science & Management Syllabus





Organisational Behaviour –Attitude, Personality, Leadership Process  and Style, Perception, Motivation Theory, Performance Appraisal.

Organisation Structure –Organization Structure and Chart, Power and Authority, Delegation of Authority, Centralisation and Decentralization, Formal  and Informal Organisation,Organisational Change and Development.

Industrial Relation-Collective Bargaining, Conflict Management, Group Behaviour, Trade Unions, Grievance Handling, Participative Management, Training and Development,

Labour Relation-Labour Wealfare, Social Security, Social insurance, Safety and Health, Wage and Salary Administration, Discipline, Labour Legislation, Factories Act,1948.

Reference Books:

1. Industrial Relation,    S.S.Khanka,  S.Chand and Sons.

2. Organisation Behaviour, L.M.Prasad, S.Chand and Sons.

3. Personnel Mangement, C.B.Memoria,Himalaya Publication.

4. Organisational Behaviour, K.Devis, Tata McGraw Hill.

5. Organisational Behaviour, F.Luthans, Tata McGraw Hill.

6. Personal/Human Resource Management, S.P.Robins & D.A.Decenzo, PHI

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