Mumbai University Sample Paper CSE 4th Sem DBMS

Mumbai University Sample Paper CSE 4th Sem DBMS

[Total Marks: 100

N.S.: (1) Ouestion NO.1 is compulsory.
(2) Attempt any four questions out of remaining six questions.
(3) Make suitable assumptions if needed.
1. (a) (i) List the disadvantageof the file processingsystem. Explainhow database system can overcome this. 20
(ii) What is shadow paging?
(i) What are the desirable properties of decomposition.
(ii) Explain timestamp ordering protocol.
2. (a) What is transaction? Discuss state transition diagram and properties of a transaction.
(b) Explain log based and check point based recovery mechanism in DBMS.
3. (a)\ What do you understand by concurrency control? Explain view serializability and conflict serializability 20
with, proper example.
(b) What is the effect of Deadlock on DBMS? Ho’;” it is detected? Discuss different types of deadlock
avoidance schemes?
4. (a) What do you mean by Authorization and Authentication in DBMS? Explain how it is implemented 20
in SOL with suitable example. .
(b) Explain with suitable example various ways for organisation of records in a file.
5. (a) What is Normalization? What is its importance in DBMS design.
Explain 1NF, 2NF, .3NF, and BCNF with suitable example~. . y
(b) Construct EER diagram for the hospital management system. It should include the patients admitted
in the ward, doctors allocated to the ward, treatment/medicine given to the patient and discharge
of the patient. Assume required data. .
6. (a) What is a view? How is it defined and stored? What are the benefits and limitations of view? 20
(b) Consider the insurance database where primary keys are underlined and answer the queries using
SOL/Retational Algebra.
Person (driveUd, Name, address)
Car (License, model, year)
Accident (report_rio, data, location)
owns (drivecid, License)
Participated (driver_id, license, report_no, damage amount) :
‘(i) Add a new accident to database assume any valves for required attributes.
(ii) Delete ‘Alto’ belonging’HMB’ updated the damage amount for the car with license no ‘xxyy 1000’
in the accident with report number ‘AR 2197’ to $ 1000.
(iii) Find the total number of people who owned cars that were involved in accidents in 2995.
(iv) Find the number of accident in which car belonging to ‘HMB’ were involved.

7. Write short notes on (any four) :-
(a) B+Tree
(b), Assertions
(c) DBA
(d) Triqqers
(e) Indexing and hashing.

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