Mumbai University Question Papers Mobile Computing Dec 2007

Mumbai University question papers

 VII Sem CSE Examination Dec 2007

Mobile Computing

N. B. (1) Question No.l is compulsory.

 (2) Attempt ant four questions out of remaining six questions.

(3) Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary and clearly justify them.


1.(a) What advantages does the use ofIPv6 offer mobility?

(b) Explain packet flow if two mobile node communicate?’

(c) What do you understand by QoS in Mobile network? Explain the parameters which determine the QoS?


2.(a) Explain Space, Time, Frequency and Code multiplexing in Wireless network?

(b) What are reasons for delay in GSM System for packet data traffic? Draw and Explain the protocol architectures of GSM?


3.(a) Explain the various wideband modulation techniques employed in cellular /mobile technologies?

(b) Explain WATM reference model with several a”ccessscenarios.


4.(a) Discuss different types orbits with their characteristics, application, pros& cons.

 (b) Explain IEEE802.11 MAC packet structure .Also explain various field in frame control of MAC?


5.(a) Compare Digital Audio aroadcasting with Digital Video Broadcasting? [10]

(b) Explain various handover mechanisms in Cellular System. [10]


6.(a) Explain the error in wireless network, which degrade TCP performance and how TCP snooping can improve this situation?

(b) Explain how tunneling work for mobile IP using IP-in-IP, minimal & generic routing encapsulation respectively. Discuss pros & cons of these three methods.


7.Write Short notes on (any~)




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