Mumbai University question papers internet programming VI sem

  Mumbai University Question Papers

  Internet Programming VI Sem

[Total Marks: 100
1.Question No.1 is compulsory.
2.Attempt any four questions out of remaining six question$.
3..Assumptions made should be clearly stated. .
4.Figures to the right indicate’marks for each question.:-
5.Assume suitable data wherever required butjustify the same.
Q. No. J a) Explain design of direct linking loader.
b) Describe various forms of intermediate code used by compiler.

Q.No.2 a) Give analysis and design of single pass assembler with respect to flow chart, data (10)
structures and algorithm. .
b) Construct predictive parsing table for foHowing grammar.
A-+aB I Ad
B~ bBC I f
;- C-+ g
Q. No.3 a) Explain Recursive descent parser with suitable example
b) Differentiate between linkage editor and linking loader.
Q. No.4 a) i) What is binding? Explain static and dynamic binding. .
ii) Write note on ‘ programming environment’
b) Explain single pass algorithm for macro definiti~ns within macro.
:, Q.No.5a) Explainwithhelpof memory,data formats,registers,instructionformats,
addressing modes of traditional CISC machines.
b) Write short notes on
i) SPARC Assembler.
ii) ANCI C macro language.
Q. No.6a) Write sequence of steps involved in dynamic debugging.ofprogram.
b) Explain with suitable example two pass algorithm for r:nacroprocessor.
Q.No.7 a) Write short notes on any two:
i) Macroassembler.
ii) Dynamic linking and dynamic loading.
ii”i)LEX and YACC.
b) Construct LL(I) parsing table for following grammar.
S-+ aBDh
B-+ cC
C-+ bC I €
D-+ EF
E-+ g I €
F-+ fI €

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