mumbai university question papers internet programming iv sem 2009

 mumbai university question papers

internet programming iv sem 2009

(1) QuestionNo 1is compulsory; solveanyfour questionsfromremainingsix questio~.
(2) Assume suitable data wherever necessary.
(3) Figures to’the right indicate full marks.
1. (a) What is CSS and what do you understand by the term ‘cascading’ ? 10
(b) Write Javascript to validate a form consisting of Name, Age, Address, Emailld, 10
Hobby (check-box), Gender (radio button), country (Drop down menu).
” —-
2. (a) Explain difference between Get and Post HTTP method
(b) Explain tree tier architecture. .
(c) Explain DNS.
(d) Explain function of web server.
3. (a) Write a HTML code which include Table, Hyperlink. Characfer formatting, 10
ordered and unordered list to display your Resume.
(b) Difference between XML and HTML. 5
(c) What do you understand by Rich Internet Applications? 5
4. (a) What do you mean by session management? How cookies are used to 10
track a session?
(b) Write JSP code for password verification which take data from database. 5
(c) What IS RSS and how it works? 5
5. (a) Discuss various stages of request Response life cycle in JSE-
(b) Explain different ASP objects.
6. (a) Explain JDBC API and JDBC drivers in detail.
(b) Explain’SOA architecture.
7. (a) Expl~in Servlet life cycle in detail. 10
(b) WriteASP code to search specific record in a database and display the result 5
in the form.
(c) Explain XSL elem~nts. 5

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