Mumbai University Question Papers Analog and Digital Communication

Mumbai University question papers


Examination June 2009

Analog and Digital Communication

N.S.: (1) QuestionNo.1 is compulsory.  

(2) Answer any four out of remaining six questions.

(3) Assume any suitable data wherever required but justify the same.

(4) Answer to questions should be grouped and written together.-

1. . (a) For a 16-ary PCM system if

P1 = P2 = P3 = P4 = 0.1

Ps = P6 = P7 = Pa = 0.05

P9 = P10 = P11 = P12 = 0.075

P13 = P14 = P1’S= P16 = 0.025

Calculate the entropy and information rate assume fm = 3 KHz.

(b) Definecode word,code rateand hammingweight.Also write short no~ on Hamming Cede.

2. (a) Explain block diagram of M-ary PSK and find the Eculidean distance for 8-ary PSK

(b) Compare ASK, PSK and FSK systems.

3. (a) Explain match filter and optimum receiver.

(b) Explain delta modulation and adaptive delta modulation and compare them.

4. (a) Explainthe followingterms :-

(i) Informationand informationrate

(ii) Entropy

(iii) Shannonstheoremand

(iv) ChannelCapacity.

(b) Defineandexplainvariousmultiplexingtechniquesusedincommunicationsystems.

5. (a) Explain with block diagram PM modulation and demodulation technique.

(b) Draw and explain superheterodyne receiver for amplitude modulation. What are the various characteristics of the receiver?

6. (a) Explain (i) Noise triangle

(ii) Pre emphasis

(iii) De emphasis in FM system.

(b) Explain the concept of image frequency and double spotting.

7. Write short noteson :–‘

(a) Variousnoise’parameters

(b) Mousein communicationsystem

(c) Intersymbolinterference

(d) QAM.


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