Mumbai University Question Papers Analog and Digital Communication

Mumbai University question papers


Examination May 2012

Analog and Digital Communication

N.B.: (1) 0.1 is Compulsory.

(2) Attempt any 4 questions of remaining 6 questions.

(3) Figures to the right indicate full marks for the questions.

(4) Assume suitable data if required.

Q~1. (a) Distinguish b.etween AM & FM.

(b) Explain Shannon’s Theorem.

(c) Distinguish between Analog & Digital Modulation.

{d) Explain Cyclic codes.

Q.2. (a) Explain phase modulation & demodulation.

. (b) Explain frequency modulators & demodulato’rs.


Q.3.. (8) Explain sampling theorem for low pass bandpass filters. Also explain sampling technique principles.

(b) Explain generation & detection of PAM.


Q.4. (a) Explain TDM & FDM.

(b) Explain PCM in detail.

Q.5. (a) What is delta modulation & also explain adaptive delta modulation.

(b) Explain ISI & flow it reduce.


Q.6. (a) What is effect of Gaussian Noise on digital communication.

(b) Explain QPSK Transmitter & Receiver System.


Q.7. Write Short Notes On : 20

(a) Thermal Noise.

(b) QAM

(c) Noise Triangle.

(d) PCM waveform types.

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