Mumbai University Previous year question papers Software Engineering June 2008

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

VI Sem IT Examination June 2008

Software Engineering

N.B. :

(1) Question No.1 is compulsory.

(2) Attempt any four questions from remaining questions.

(3) Assume data if required.


1. (a) Defineprocess, Explain incremental model of software development give example where the model can be applied and justify your example.

(b) Explain CMM and the Key Process Areas at each level. 10


2. (a) Draw activity diagram and Gantt chart for the following :-

Activity Predecessor Duration (in weeks)

A – 2

B A 3

C – 2

D A,C 3

E D 4

F A,D 3

G B, E 2

H G 3

Find minimum duration required do complete the project.

(b) When does the project planning activity chart and end in a software life cycle? Let the important activities software project managers perform during Jprojectplanning.


3. (a) Suppose you are developing a software product in the organic mode. You have estimated the size of the product to be 70695 lines of code, compute effort and development time. Assuming cost of 25,000 person month calculate total cost of the product (constants ba = 2.4, bb = 1.05, bc = 2.5, bd = 0’38 )

(b) Explain differentmetricsfor size estimation. What are their advantages and disadvantages. 10


4. (a) Define SCM. Wahtis configuration audit. Explain change management. 10

(b) Based on the following statements, identify whether this is a project, product, process risk. Justify your identification.

i) Size of softwareis estimatedwrong by 15%.

(ii) Critical functions and features did nmot get communicated to the system analyst.

(iii) Report generator’s capabilities did not conform to the promised capabilities in the product literature.

(iv) RAD Model is selected instead of incremental.

(v)Due to work pressure, prototype not developed.


5. (a) Draw control flow graph for the PAL.

sl,s2,while (c1)begin

Calculate CC using all method.

s4,.if(c2).s4;. else s5 ;

if(c3) s6; else s7 ;

do 88; while (c4) ;


s9 ;\ if (c5 or c6) s10; else sl1 ;s12.

 (b) Explain different types of System Tests and give example of each.


6. (a) Explain different activities performed during Risk Management. Which process Model includes Risk analysis as it’s activity. 

(b) Explain coupli.ngand cohesion. Good design must have high degree of coupling or cohesion. JustifYthe statement “Maintenance cost increases with Low degree of coupling”.


7. (a) Explain different quality attributes.

(b) Differentiate between White box and Black box testing.

(c) Match the qualityparameters and software quality metrics that will achieve the best SQA performance Quality Parameter Quality Metrics

*Accuracy *Correctness

*Completeness *Reliability

*Consistency *Integrity

*Expandability *Testability Usability

*Modularity *Maintainability –

(d) What are different types of maintenance, gi.;yeexample of each. Suggest measures to be taken to reduce maintenance cost:


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