Mumbai University Previous year question papers Object Oriented Analysis and Design Dec 2007

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

V Sem IT Examination Dec 2007

Object Oriented Analysis and Design

N.S. : (1) Question NO.1 is compulsory.

(2) Attempt any four questions out of remaining six questions.

(3) Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary and state them.


1. (a) Explain features of object oriented programmings with suitable example?

(b) What are the use case analysis steps? Explain with example.


2. (a) Draw the class diagram for following scenario:

 . A library lends books and magazines to members, who are registered in the system. Also it handles the purchase of new titles for the library. Popular titles are bought in multiple copies. Old books and magazines are removed when they are Ol,ltof date or in poor condition. A member can reserve a book or magazine that is not currently available in the library, so that when it’s returned or purchased by the library, that person is notified. The library can easily create,  update and delete information about the titles, members, loans and reservations  in the system. 

(b) Construct the activity diagram for above scenario.


3. (a) State UMLdynamic diagrams. Explain anyone in detail with example.

(b) Define model and what are the benefits of a use-case model.


4.(a) Explain following terms:

(i) Association

(ii) Aggregation

(iii) Multiplicity

(iv) Generalization.

.(b) What is functional modeling? Explain different steps that are performed in constructing functional model?


5. (a) Explain object oriented metrics and testing’? 10

(b) State different types of coupling and cohesion. Explain any four types oJ both coupling and cohesion.


6.(a) Construct the class diagram for cellular phone. 10

(b) Construct the state transition diagram for following scenario; student information system – The Universityconductsmany courses and students can register for those courses. The registrar of the University will introduce any new course. Also the registrar maintains the curriculum and students details. The examination will be conducted for the students and the degree is issued for the students who have completed the course successfully.


7.(a) Construct the activity diagram for trading system which should take tare of sales information

of the company and must analyze the potential of trade.

(b) Construct the sequence diagram for the above scenario.

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