Mumbai University Previous year question papers Network Technology for Digital Device June 2009

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

IV Sem IT Examination June 2009

Network Technology for Digital Device

N.S. : (1) Question NO.1 is compulsory.

(2) Attempt any four out of the remaining questions.

1. (a) Compare centralized and Distributed operating systems. 5

(b) What is sliding window protocal ? Where is it applicable? 5

(c) What are recent developments in networks? List at least two application area for it.

(d) Explain general principals of congestion control. 5


2. (a) Explain OSI model and compare it with TCP/IP reference model. 10

(b) C,ompare circuit switching and packet switching. – 5

(c) What are different classes of IP addresses? Give the format of each class. 5


3. (a) With an example explain different methods. of frame forming.

(b) Explain CSMA/CD


4. (a) What are different types of routing? With an example explain Dijkstra’s routing algorithm.

(b) For the address find the type of network and network address. 4

(c) Arouter inside an organisation receives the same packet with a destination address If the subnet mask is 19 (First 19 bits are1 s and following bits are Os). Find subnet address’.


5. (a) What is distributedcomputing? What are the advantages and disadvantages of distributedcomputing?

(b) Explain Remote procedure call.

(c) What are the advantages of fiber optics as communication medium?-


6. Write short notes on :-

(a) SNMP


(c) OSPF



7. (a) What is interprocess communication? Explain its role in network based communication system.

(b) Explain TCP connection management and TCP transmission policy. 6

(c) What is a hub? Explaindifferenttypes of hubs. Howis a hub different from switch?

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