Mumbai University Previous year question papers Medical Imaging May 2008

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

 VII Sem Biomedical-Examination May 2008

Medical Imaging

(1)Quest ioNn o.I is comPulsory

(2) Attempat nyf our questionos ut of remainingsi x quesllons

(3) Figurest o the right indicate{u ll marks.

1.(a) Witht heh elpo {a funclionabll ockd iagramex plainlh ew orkingp rinciploef G amma Camera.

(b) Explainth e statica nd dynamici magingw ith referenceto Nrrcleamr edicinel imaging.

2.(a) Explaint he ditferentn teractionp henomenao gamma rays and matter.

(b) What are radiopharmacet iuc als ? Discuss the ideal character ist icosf radiopharmaceutical.

3. (a) Enumeratcv ar lousr econst ruct iotenc hnlqueuss edi n CT Explaina ny one in detarl.

(b) Discussc linicala pplicationso f CT

4.(a) Explainth e fol lowinlgv lRlp arameters:

( i ) Larmolrr equency

(ii) Freei nductiond ecay.

(b) How do the magneticli eldg radientc oilsh elp in the prodLrctioonf MRI image?

5.(a) Discussin d etailthed itferendte tectores mployeldo rd etectjono f ionizingra diations

(b) Describet he thirda nd fourthg enerationso l CT withs uitabled iagramsD. iscuss the advantageso t spiralC T over conventionaCl T

6.(a) Whata re variousp ositrone mittingr adionuclide?s Explainth e workinga ndn eed ot Medical cyclotron.

(b) Wirht he help ol blockd iagrame xplaint he basicp rinciplea nd workingo f PET’

7. Wnte short notes on (any four) :-

(a) AppliedPotentialTomograPhY

(b) Paralysablaen dn onp aralysable

(c) CT number

(d) Safetyc onsidera’tiornesla tedto

(e) Spin-echtoe chniquien MRI

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