Mumbai University Previous year question papers Internet Programming June 2010

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

IV Sem IT Examination June 2010

Internet Programming

N.S.: (1) Attempt any five questions.

(2) Assume suitable data wherever necessary.

(3) Figures to right indicates full marks.


(a) What is CSS ? Explain the variqus ways to add the presentation sty\e to HTML page with the help of suitable-.~’Xamples?

(b) With the help of suitable exampJescompare and contrast the use of <div> and 10


(a) Create a web page with the functionality of EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) calculate. The page should have four text fields and two buttons named calculate and clear. Out of the four text fields, three are to accept data Le. principle, interest rate and loan term in number of months, and the fourth one to give out result, the EM!. EMI can be calculated as R = P(r/(11/(1 + rr’)) where R-> EMI ;

P -> principle; r-> rate of interest and n-> loan terms in months.

(b) Construct a form with two text fields: one for user name and one for password. When a submit button is clicked, the form is submitted to the echo program if validation is successful.Otherwise,the user is alerted and the form is not submitted.

The validation is as follows ~

Both user name and password must be four to eight characters in length.

The user name must be composed only of alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9). The user name must begin with an alphabetic character.

The password must adhere to the same constrains as the user name with the exception that it may also contain the underscore and hyphen, but not as the first character.


(a) The file called xyz.jsp is available in the document directory of the web server. Explain with the help of diagram the activities take-place when the request for the / F xyz.jsp is made for the first time.

(b) A table nam~d IITitles’ is available in the database and there are five entries ‘in. table.Write page to displaythe table upon requestedthis JSP page. .

 title_id ,”, titl’~_name I price I quantity


(a) Explain the various validation controls in ASP. NET. Also explain the validation control operation.

(b) Write an ASP page to allow the user to enter his/her age (numeric value between 1 and 99). Apply proper validations and generate required error messages in case. The field is mandatory.

5. (a) Explain the servlet life cycle in detail. 10

(b) Write a HTMLcode which includeTable, Hyper link, Character formatting, Ordered and unordered list to display your resume.

6. (a) What is session management. Explain the various approaches to session management.

(b) What are web services? Explain service oriented architecture (SOA).



(a) What is web feed (RSS) and how it work?

(b) Explain XSL elements .

(c) Differentiate between XML and HTML

(d) What do you mean by Rich Interenet application?

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