Mumbai University Previous year question papers Industrial Economic and Telecom Regulation June 2005

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

VI Sem Electronics Examination June 2005

Industrial Economic and Telecom Regulation


Answer any five questions.

Additional data if required can be assumed and stated.


1.(a) What is the relation between Technology and Economic development?

(b) Explain the concept of Elasticity of Demand with the help of demand curve.

(c) Explain Rrice Equilibrium in perfect competition.

(d) Explain E:quilibrium of a firm under monopoly.


2.(a) What are the functions of money? What are the elements of money supply?

(b) What is inflation? How it is related with the demand and supply of money?

(c) Explain muftiIJle credit creation by banks.

(d) What are the functions of Reserve Bank of India?


3. (a) Distinguish between direct and indirect tax.

(b)’ What are the sources of public revenue?

(c) Di~tinguishbetweenbalance of trade and balance 01’payment.

(d) Briefly state the salient elements of the New Economic Policy.


4. (a) What are the determinants of Economic Development.

(b) Explain ‘big push’ and ‘critical minimum effort’ strategy for economic growth.

(c) Management is defined by what management does. Give a definition and enlist the functions of management.

(d) What are the contributions of F.W.Taylor in the development of Management Thought.


5.(a) With example distinguish between line and staff authority.

 (b) How to make delegation effective?

 (c) What are the factors that influence Span of Management?

 (d) What are the causes for failure or poor communication?


6. (a) Explain Maslow’s theory of Heirarchy.

 (b) Discllss alanchard’s Situational Leadership Theory.

 (c) What ani the functions of production planning control?

For a purchased items, ‘price = Rs. 40, 

Inventory Carrying Cost = 25%

Ordering Cost = Rs. 100

Annual Demand = 6000

(d) What is the Economic Order Quantity?


7.Draw a project network, find critical path and project duration from the following data :- 10

(b) What are the elements of cost? What is meant by overhead cost?

 (c) Explain (i) Debt Equity Ratio (ii) Capital Turn Over.

(d)Draw a breakeven chart and find breakeven quantity from following data :-

Variable Cost/Unit=As. 20

 Price = Rs. 50

Fixed Cost/Year = Rs. 3,00,000 (3 lakh)

Explain what is meant by market segmentation and its significance in marketing.

Discus’s the application of industrial psychology in Human Resource Management.


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