Mumbai University Previous year question papers Industrial Economic and Telecom Regulation Dec 2008

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

VI Sem Electronics Examination Dec 2008

Industrial Economic and Telecom Regulation


: (1) Attempt any five questions.

(2) Answers to the sub-questions of a question should be written together and one below the other.


1. (a) Define Management. Explain all functions of Management.

(b) Explain briefly, the different types of competition with their advantages and disadvantages.


2. (a) What is black money? Explain the consequences of black money. What are the measures taken to unearth black money.

(b) What is the need, role and functions of Central Bank?



3. (a) What are the determinants of economic development. What are the characteristics of under developed economy?

(b) Briefly discuss the main features of Iiber?lised economy and globalisation.


4. (a) Explain Blanchard’s situational leadership theory.

(b) Explain the concept of balance of trade and balance of payment.


5. (a) (i) Explain the 4P’s of marketing management.

(ii) Balanced and unbalanced growth strategy.

(b) What are the cost associated with inventory? Explain ABC analysis as an inventory control techniques.


6. (a) What are the sources of public revenue?

(b) Discuss the application of industrial psychology in Human Resource Management.



7. Write short notes on any four of the following :-

(a) Payback method

(b) Line and staff relation in an organisation

(c) Advertising

(d) Direct and indirect taxes

(e) Delegation of authority.

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