Mumbai University Previous year question papers GUI and Database Management Dec 2008

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

III Sem IT Examination Dec 2008

GUI & Database Management

Question No.1 is compUl’S:Of’y.

Attempt any four questions out of remaining six questions.

Make suitable assumptions if needed~


1.(a) Define transacti.on. Expia~n 1ransacUon state diagram.

(b) Explain E-H mode~ in. detail with an example.


2.(a) Explain ACiD propert1es and usefulness ofeach property. 10

 (b) Explain 2 PL with suiitable example. ExplaIn its variation with suitable example. 10


3.(a) Answer following quest:n,ons :-


(i) Explain primary key. c:omp,osite key with example. .

(ii) Wha.t are different Aggregate functions in SOL ?- Explain with example.

, (iii) State and  exp£:ain speci.aJization with exampte.

(iv) Expiain shadiow paging.

 (b) Corys!der Insurance DB \’.rhere primary key is underlined. Answer following queries in SQL :-

 PERSON (Oriver-~d, n.ame, add~e$S)

 CAR (license. mode,I, year)

 ACCIDENT (Report-no. Date. I.ocationj

 OWNS (Dri..’er-id, !icer1se)

 PARTICIPATED (Dr1ver-id. li;cense. report-no.   damage-amount)

 (i) Rnd to no,. of pecpfevAlo owned cars that are ~ in accidents in 2004.

(ii) Find no. of accidents iin ..vhich car be!ongEng to ‘Joihn Smith’ were involved.

(iii) Add new accident to DB assume any va[ues to required attributes.

(iv) Delete ‘Santro’ belonging to ‘John Smith’.


4.(a) Explain Jog based anddieckpant based recovery mechanism 8-1DBMS ri1hexample. 10

 (b) What is effeC1 of deadtodc? How a isdetected? Discuss different types of deadlock avo~d!ance schemes.


5.(a) Exp!airJ following ;-

(i) DDL (H) DML

(iii) TCL {iv) DCL.

With respe.c! to SQL

(b) Exp!ain foBc’,'{‘Gng wrt to Re~.aiional algebra ;_.

(!) project (ii) insen

(iii) select {iv) delete.


6.(a) Explain Murphy’s law of GUI des.ign and features of GUI.

(b) What is view? How it is created? Explain with suitable example.


7.Attempt any ten :-

(i) What is ADO? List its obj,ects.

(ii) Give any four intrinsic contr.ols in UB- State use of ~t.

(iii) Difference between flexgrid and data-grid.

(IV) Expla~n different mouse :related events.

(v) Give signffican.c.e of Option ExpHci:t.

(vi) Give use of msgbox, input b,ox. Explain with examplre.

(vii) Explain use of MOl form:.

(viii) Explain use of connecUon and datasource properties of ADO control.



How to create a form us;ing code.



Give c:Jecisro.n ma.1.cingstatements & loop structures s!:aItemerns in US INith example.

(xi) Give differen.ce betwe,en listbox and combobOx.


(xii) State and explain use of OLE.


(xiii) Give differe~t naming convention. for Text. fabel. checkbox. combobox.


option button .contro,is.



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