Mumbai University Previous year question papers Electronics Instrumentation System dec 2008

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

VI Sem Electronics Examination Dec 2008

Electronics Instrumentation System

N.S. : (1) Question No.1 is compulsory.

(2) Attemptany four questions out of remaining six questions.

(3) Drawneat diagram and sketches.

(4) F:igures to the right indicate full marks.


1. (a) Explain factors that causes error during Q-measurement.

(b) Explain need of delay line in C.R.O.

(c) State typical technical specification of Digital voltmeter.

(d) State the characteristics of Op-Amp.


2. (a) IDrawa neat circuit digram and explain the working of an analog electronic voltmeter using FET bridge.

(b) Explain with the help of a neat circuit diagram, the working of a dual slope DVM.


3. (a) Discuss the functions of following terms briefly related to C.R.O. :-

(i) Time/div

(ii) Volts/div

(iii) Focus

(iv) Intensity. .

(b) Explain the working of dual trace CRO and double beam CRO.


4. (a) What is Lissajous pattern related to CRO? Howthey are useful in measuring frequency and phase diff~rence ?

(b) What is a of a circuit? Howcan a Q-meter be used forthe measurement of Impedance of a circuit?


5. (a) Withthe help of neat block diagram, explain the working of Digitalfrequency meter. 

(b) Describe phase measurement by balanced modulation type. 10


6. (a) Explain with block diagram AF sine and square wave generator. Also state the front panel of a signal generator.

 (b) Explain with diagram R-2R ladder type Digital to Analog Converter. 10


7. Solve any three :-

 (a) Anyone method of analog-to-digital converter

(b) Discuss intensity modulation with reference to C.R.O.

(c) Storage Oscilloscope

(d) Beat Frequency Oscillator.

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