Mumbai University Previous year question papers Electronic Instrumentation June 2006

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

 VII Sem ETC-Examination June 2006

Electronic Instrumentation

N.S(1) Question No.1 is compulsory.


(2) Attempt in all five questions, including Question No.1.


(3) Assume suitable data if  necessary.

1.(a) Draw a typical data acquisition system and explain function of each block.

(b) What is telemetry system.

(c) Compare the analog instrumentation system with digital Instrumentation system.


2.(a) Describe different types of capacitive transducers and compare their sensitivities.

(b) Draw a three opamp Instrumentation amplifier and explain Its gain adjustments.


3.(a) Describe in brief the Construction, Working Principle and Range of measurements for the following :-

(i) Rotameter (Ii) LVDT (iii) Hygrometer.

(b) Describe in brief PID controller.


4. (a) Consider a second-order system model of instrumentation system and discuss in brief response of the system to step input.

(b) What are:the Data Loggers 7

(c)  Differentiate between active and passive transdlJcers.


5. (a) Describe in brief measurement of temperature with thermocouple, thermisters.

(b) Draw basic block diagram to explain PLC system.


6.(a)Explain the \.orking principle of the Bellow and Bourdon tube.

(b) Discuss in brief the principle of Magnetic Flow Meter.

(c) Design 3-second order butterworth filter for a cut-off frequency of 1 kHz.


7. Write short note on the following :-

(a) Ultrasonic flowmeter.

(b) A to 0 conversion technique.

(c) Strainguage.

(d) Piezoelectric transducer.

(e) Sample and hold circuit.

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