Mumbai University Previous year question papers Convergence of Technologies and Networking in Communication June 2010

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

V Sem IT Examination June 2010

Convergence of Technologies & Networking in Communication

N. B (1) Question no. 1 is compulsory

(2)Attempt any four questions of the remaining six questions.

(3)Figures to the right indicate full marks

(4)Answers to question sho~ld be grouped and written together.


Q. 1 (a) Describe in brief Binary Phase Shift Keying mod61ator and demodulator? Also c~lculate probability of error for BPSK? (15 MARKS)

(b) Compare the different evolution of second. third, fourth generation of wireless communication system? (05 MARKS)


Q .2 a) Explain the Digital Signature? Also explain firewall used for security purpose?

b) Explain traffic managementin A TM? Also explain A TM traffic policing?


Q.3.a) what is convergence? Also explain IEEE 802.11 standard?(07 MARKS)

b) Explain Multiple Access Techniques TDMA, FDMA, SOMA and SSMA? Also explain Packet Radio Multiple Access (slotted ALOHA/pure ALOHA)?


Q. 4.a) Compare the probability of error for an optimum filter? What is matched filter?(10 MARKS)

b) Explain basic concept of cellular system? How frequency reused method is implemented? (10 MARKS)


Q. 5.a) How channel capacity is improved by cell splitting and cell sectoring?(10 MARKS)

b) How Tiger Hash function used for encryption? Compare block ciphers with stream ciphers?


Q. 6.a) Explain general GSM architecture? Also explain different GSM channels used?(10 MARKS)

b) Explain high level data link (HDCL) protocol? Also explain the frame structure in HDCL? (10 MARKS)


Q.7) write short notes on (any four) .

1) Bluetooth

2) Binary frequency Keying (20 MARKS)

3) Handoffalgorithms

4) Telecommunication management network (TMN)


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