Mumbai University Previous year question papers Internet Programming June 2009

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

IV Sem IT Examination June 2009

Internet Programming

N.B. : (1) QuestionNo 1is compulsory; solveanyfour questionsfromremainingsix questio~.

(2) Assume suitable data wherever necessary.

(3) Figures to’the right indicate full marks.

1. (a) What is CSS and what do you understand by the term ‘cascading’ ? 10

(b) Write Java script to validate a form consisting of Name, Age, Address, Emailld, Hobby (check-box), Gender (radio button), country (Drop down menu).


(a) Explain difference between Get and Post HTTP method

(b) Explain tree tier architecture.

(c) Explain DNS.

(d) Explain function of web server.

3. (a) Write a HTML code which include Table, Hyperlink. Characfer formatting, ordered and unordered list to display your Resume.

(b) Difference between XML and HTML. 5

(c) What do you understand by Rich Internet Applications? 5

4. (a) What do you mean by session management? How cookies are used to track a session?

(b) Write JSP code for password verification which take data from database. 5

(c) What IS RSS and how it works? 5

5. (a) Discuss various stages of request Response life cycle in JSE-

(b) Explain different ASP objects.

6. (a) Explain JDBC API and JDBC drivers in detail.

(b) Explain’SOA architecture.

7. (a) Expl~in Servlet life cycle in detail. 10

(b) WriteASP code to search specific record in a database and display the result in the form.

(c) Explain XSL elem~nts. 5

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