Mumbai University Previous year question papers Computer Networks June 2007

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

V Sem CSE Examination June 2007

Computer Networks

1: (a) E~plain circuit switchng, packet switching and message switching with suitable example.

(b) Explain sub-netting.


2. (a) Explain how’TCP controls congestion.


(b) Explain ATM adaption layer. ,Alsodescribe the VPZ and vez concept.


3. (a) St?te different physical media properties. Explain anyone in detail.’ ,

(b) List blue tooth feature and explain network formation process.


4. (a) Give the functions of repeater, hub, bridge, switch, router, gateway.

(b) Explain RSA Algorithm with suitable example of pu.<blic key security.


5. (a) Explain the neeQ of layered Architecture of computer network. Also explain data transmission and protocols in layered Architecture.

(b) Discuss various services offered by transport layer.



6. (a) Explain DNS system.

(b) Explain SMTP.


7. (a) What are different types of routing Algorithms? Explain anyone in detail.

(b) Explain’ stop and wait and sliding window protocols with suitable example.

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