Mumbai University exam paper Biomedical Instrumentation DEC 2007

Mumbai University exam paper Biomedical Instrumentation DEC 2007

(1) Quest ionNoI ,i sCompulsory.

(ii)A ttempta nyf our questionos ut of remainings ix questions.

(iii) Figuresto ther ight indicatefu ll marks.

(iv)A ssumes uitabled ataw herevenr ecessarv.

(v) Draw sketche/s d iagramsw herevenr …rr*y.

(vi) Usel egibleh andwriting. Useb lue/ blacki nk.

1.(a) Drawa nde xplaint heb iockd iagramo f Hemodialysims achine.

(b)) [)raw ande xplaint het en-rperatucroen trollecr ircuiti n above machine.

2.(a) Drawa nde xplainth ec ircuitd iagramo f shortwavdei athermmy achine.

(b) Drawa nd t10] explainth ec ircuitd iagramo f d. c. defibrillatoirn ‘xsr moae.it0l

3.(a) Mhatis ICHD code?C lassify thev ariousI mplantablep acemakers.

(b) Drawa nde xplaint hes etu p o1.aty pic;aTl elemedicinsey stem.

4.(a) Explainu sings uitabled iagramsd ifferentm odesin Ventilators.

(b) Drawa nde xplaint hec ircuitd iagramo f solids tates urgicadl iathermy Used in CUT and COAG mode.

5.(a) Draw and explain the Rateg eneratora nd multivibratorc ircuit in on dernand pacemaker.

(b) What is Endoscop?e Explaini ts variousa pplications,

‘6.(a) W’ri1ae b riefn ote on Heart Rate Variabilitv.

(b) Explainh ow tentperaturies controlledin a babyi ncubator.

7. Write shornt oteso n :

i) UV and IR lamps.

;ii)l lelium- NeonL asers.

(ii) Circus motion theory.

(iv) Batterieisn pacemaker.

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