Mumbai University Previous year question papers Applied Physics-II Dec 2008

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

I Year Examination Dec 2008

Applied Physics-II


N.S. : ~1) Question No.1 is compulsory.

(2) Attempt any four questions from question Nos. 2 to 7.

1. Solveany

(a) Find out simillarites and desimillarites between Newtons Ring and Wedge Shaped Experiment?

 (b) Why gases used as novel medium for laser? How do you creat meta stable in laser medium?

(c) ‘Give the relevence of quantum mechanics in lasers, magnetism and Bio-physics ?

(d) Distinguish between X-ray Diffraction (XRD) and Light-ray diffraction?

(e) What is mean by path difference? What are its different conditions? Give its importance?

(f) What is optical fiber? List out the advantages of an optical fiber?

(g) State and explain Heinbergs uncertainty pnnciple ?

2. (a) Prove that the nth dark ring of Newtons Ring is directly proportional to square root of ring number?

(b)How lasers are different then X-rays? Explain the following terms of laser science: 10

(i) Induced Absorption (ii) Spotaneous Emission (iii) Stimulated Emission

(iv) Meta stable state and (v) Population inversion.


3. (a) A light of wave length 5500 AOincident on thin tJansperent denser medium having refractive index 1.45. Determine the thickness of thin medium if the angle of refraction is 45°(consider n =1).

(b) Explain the conpect of molecular laser. 5

(c) What is Bio-physics ? How itis co-related to the Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy  (AAS) ? List out the instruments invo”lved in this branch?

4. (a) What is the importance of vacuum medium? Differenciate between diffusion and Rotary pump?

(b) What is Holography? Give its construction and advantages over photographic technique.


(a) What is the effect of temperature on paramagnetic materials? Explain the relation of temperature and magnetic property for the same.

(b) With neat sketch explain principle, construction, energy diagram and specility of Nd : YAG laser.


(a) Derive an expression for Numerical Aperture of an optical fiber belongs to step index type. .

 (b) What is mean by diffraction grating? How it is useful for determination of wavelegth of mono-chromatic source?

7. (a) If an electron is accelerated at potential V, find out the wavelength of matter wave? Give its importance?

 (b) A metal ring having cross-section area 5 cm2 with its diameter 20 cm has a coil of 200 turns wound over it. Determine the reluctance and current required to produce flux of 2 miltiweber (Jlr = 380, neglect air gap).

 (c) How Newtons Ring experiment is useful to determine Refractive Index of liquid mArlillm ? J=ynl::lin ?

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