Mumbai University Previous year question papers Advanced Database Management Systems June 2007

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

V Sem CSE Examination June 2007

Advanced Database Management Systems

N.B 1) Question No.1 is Compulsory.

2) Attempt any Four out of remaining

3) Figure to the right indicates full Marks.

4) Figure should be neat and clean.

Ql A GeneralHospital consists of a number of specialized wards (such as Maternity, Paediatry, Oncology, etc).Each ward hosts.a number of patients, who were admitted on the recoJ,1lmendatioriof their own GPand confirmed by a consultant employed by Hospital.’ On admission, the personal details of every patient are recorded. A separate register is to beheld to store the information of the tests undertaJ<:enand the results of a ,prescribed treatment. A number of tests may be conducted for each patient. Each patient . is’assigned to one leading consultant but may be examined by another doctor, if required .Doctors are specialists in some branch of medicine and may be leading consultant for a number of patients, not necessarily from the same ward. 1.Draw an extended E-R diagram for the system.

2. Draw an Object -Oriented schema.

3. Take two typical queries and write them in OQL.



Q.2. Consider the following database for an Insurance company.

Customer (CustID, Custname, Custaddr, Custage)

PolicyType (PolicyID, Pname, Premiumamt, Type, NoofYears)

Agent (AgentId, Agentname, Agentzone)

Policy(CustID, PolicyID, AgentID, DependentName)

a) Qiscuss how OLAP could be useful for such an organization. (5)

b) Indicate a star’schema that could be used for building a data warehouse. (5)

c) Indicate five typical queries that the wareho~se may have to answer (Use SQL) (10)


Q.3 Consider a library database system, which maintains entries for magazines, books and journals. For books titles, subject area, author names, publisher name, edition and year are to be stored. For magazines, name. volume number and date etc are to be stored, for journals subject name, subject area, List of articles. editors etc is to be stored. Further for each articlethe authqr name, title and some identification for the journal in which it appeared must be stored (You cam make any other reasonable assumptions)

(a) Give the DTD for the XML schema for the described system. (10)

(b) Write the following queries in XQuery (5 X 2 = 10)

(l}Display books, magazine andjournals sorted by year


(2) Find all authors who have written a book and also ajournal article in the same year.

Q4 A) Describe different types of fragmentation in a distributed databaseusing an example application [10]

B) Give the general Architecture of a mobile database [10]


Q5 A) Give a list of applications that may benefit from data mining

B) W~te detail note,on Temporal Database’



 A) Define the concept of nested relation in ORDBMS with example

B) Write detail note on Geographical infonnation system (GIS)


Q7Write short notes on any Four

1) Object identity 2) Object structure

4) Persistent object 5) Transient

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