Mumbai University Previous year question papers Advanced Computer Netweork June 2010

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

VI Sem CSE Examination June 2010

Advanced Computer Netweork


(1) Question No, 1 is compulsory, . .

(2) Attempt any four questions out of remaining six questions,


I. a) Explain in detail TCP/IP Protocosl uite. . [ 10]

b) Discuss Distance vector routing algorithm & Hierarchical routing algorithm with examples. [10]


2. a) Explain in detail Multi Protocol Label Switching ( MPLS). [10]

b) Explain in detai I arch itecture of A TM Network, [10]


3.a) Explain SONET Frame structure. [10]

 b) Explain differentQoS parametersin caseo f ATM, [10}


4. a) What is RTP? Explain RTP frame formatin detail.


b) Explain in detail RSVP protocol. [10]


5. a) Compare ‘OSPF’ protocol with RIP? Explain OSPF Protocol operation with the help of common header. [10]

b) What is need for BGP? Explain BGPProtocol in detail [10]


6. a) Described ifferent delay componentsin communicationn etwork. Explain MIMII Queuing system. [10]

b) Explain H.323 standard in detail. [10]


7. Write short note on any two of following :- [20]


b) X.25

c) Storage Area Networks (SAN)

d) Enterprise network security.

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