MNIT Jaipur Syllabus Software Project Management



MNIT Jaipur Syllabus Software Project Management



Software Project Management

IT-455 Project Lab

Objective of this elective is to facilitate transfer of knowledge acquired by a student to a field of his own

choice for application to solving a problem. Student is expected to collect and study relevant material

under mentorship of a faculty member working in similar area; identify a suitable problem and propose

methodology towards its solution. Alternately a student can explore hardware implementation of existing

solution(s). This elective shall act as prequel to project work for next semester.  The project

coordinator(s) from the department for continuity shall coordinate this course. Grouping and division

shall be applicable as defined in the major project of final semester.

Open Elective VI (X-X-X) 3/4

Please refer to concerned Department.B.Tech Information Technology     Semester VIII

IT-452 Project  (X-X-X) 10

The major project covers lab component of the final semester work. The evaluation of project shall be

continuous and will be done through project coordinator(s). The evaluation mechanism shall be evolved

based on the existing practices through DUGC rectified from time to time. Ideally the project should

comprise with group size of two students shall be limited to maximum 4 students and the groups shall be

evenly distributed among faculty through coordinator(s). Internal and external components shall not

exceed 40% each of the overall marks.

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