MNIT Jaipur Syllabus IT Computer Architecture


MNIT Jaipur Syllabus IT Computer Architecture


Computer Architecture

Introduction to computer architecture and organization: Digital components, Von Neumann

Machine Architecture, Flynn ClassificationRegister Transfer Language: Micro operations – data transfer operations, arithmetic, logic and shift

micro operations and their hardware implementations as a simple Arithmetic and logic unit.

CPU Organization: Addressing techniques – Immediate, direct, indirect, register, register indirect,

index, relative and stack addressing techniques.

Instruction formats: Instruction set design, Instruction types: example for zero address, one address,

two address and three address machines, Stack, accumulator and general purpose register organization

Arithmetic Algorithms: Arithmetic and Logic Unit, Adders – Full adder, Ripple carry adder, Carry look

ahead adder, Carry select adder, carry save adder, Multiplication – Add and Shift method, Booth’s

Multiplier,m Array Multiplier, Division – Restoring and Non restoring method.

Pipelining: Pipeline structure, pipeline performance measures, Pipeline types – Instruction and

Arithmetic pipelines.

Memory Organization: Memory device characteristics, RAM organization: 1D and 2D organization,

Virtual memory – Paging and Segmentation, High speed memories: Associative and Cache memory

Control Unit Design, Hardwired and Micro programmed control unit design implementation techniques

Input-Output Design: IO interface, Bus structure, Modes of data transfer, Interrupts, Input Output

Processor, Serial Communication


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