MNIT Jaipur Syllabus computer science LSD Lab


MNIT Jaipur Syllabus computer science   LSD Lab  

   LSD Lab  

The following proposed coverage are broad guiding areas lab. The instructor offering the course in

consultation with the theory offered can adopt further variations in tune with CP-221.

1. Truth table verification – NAND gate, NOR gate, OR gate, AND gate, NOT gate.

2. Verifying if NAND gate is a universal gate.

3. Constructing XOR gate using NOR gate only.

4. Realizing given truth table using SOP form.

5. Realizing given truth table using POS form.

6. Design of combinational circuits – half adder, full adder, multiplier.

7. Design of binary-gray encoder.

8. Design of parity generator and detector.

9. Design of one bit error detecting and correcting circuit.

10. Design of flip flops – RS, JK, D and T flip flops.

11. Design of sequential circuits – counters.


1. Digital Systems and Hardware and Firmware Algorithms: M.Ercegovac and T. Lang, Pearson.

2. Morris-Mano : Logic System and Design,  Mc Graw Hill

3. Hill & Peterson: Switching Theory and Logic Design, John Wiley

4. J.F.Wakerly: Digital Design, Principle and Practices, Pearson.

5. Malvino leech:  Digital Electronics

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