Microelectronics EC Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar

Microelectronics EC Syllabus

for NIT Jalandhar


EC-403 Microelectronics 



Electronic-Grade Silicon: Crystal growth-Czochralski, LCE, Zone-refining and floating zone. Wafer
preparation. Epitaxy, VPE, LPE, MBE, MOCVD.
An Overview Of IC Technology, And Its Requirements: Unit steps used in IC Technology: Wafer
cleaning, , oxidation, characterization of oxide films, diffusion, ion implantation, annealing-RTA. Photolithography, E-beam lithography and newer lithography techniques for VLSI/ULSI; mask generation, wet and dry etching.



CVD and LPCVD techniques for deposition of poly silicon, silicon nitride and silicon dioxide.
Metallisation and passivation. Special Techniques For Modern Processes: self-aligned silicides, shallow junction formation, nitride oxides etc. process flows for CMOS and bipolar IC processes. Plasma And Rapid Thermal-Processing: Plasma etching, RIE techniques, RTP for annealing, growth and deposition of films testing, bonding, packaging. Evaluation and measurement techniques.



Thin Film And Thick Film Technology, hybrid circuits,circuit elements: Diodes, resistors, capacitors, inductors, contacts and interconnections. Sub Micron Device Physics and Technology: Review of basic device physics, MOS capacitor and transistor theory, Moore law on technology scaling, Short channel effects, sub threshold leakage, Punch through, DIBL, High field mobility, Velocity saturation and overshoot


Books Recommended –

1. May G S and Sze S M, “Fundamentals of Semiconductor Fabrication”, John Wiley & Sons, India.(2004)
2. Sze S M, “VLSI Technology”, 2nd Ed., McGraw Hill International Edition (1988)
3. Ghandhi S K, “VLSI fabrication Principles”, John Wiley Inc., New York (1983).
4. Streetman BG, “Solid State Electronics Devices”, Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi, (1995).
5. Chang C Y and Sze S (Ed),“ULSI Technology”, McGraw-Hill Companies Inc. (1996).


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