JNTU Question Papers Automobile Engineering I Sem Nov 2008

                                       JNTU Question Paper

Automobile Engineering I Sem Nov 2008


1. (a) Explain the historical development of automobiles ?

(b) Briefly explain, why rear wheel engines are powerful then front wheel drive

engines. [8+8]


2. (a) Draw P-V and T-S diagrams S.I Engine and explain its working.

(b) Is it feasible to construct a sterling engine. Explain in detail. [8+8]


3. (a) Differentiate between cylinder liners and piston rings with suitable examples?

(b) How the cylinder and cylinder head are manufacturing. Explain. [8+8]


4. (a) Why is flywheel necessary in multicylinder engines?

(b) What is valve tappet clearance? Why is it necessary?

(c) Describe a hydraulic valve lifter. [6+6+4]


5. Describe with suitable sketches the following system of a modern carburetor.

(a) Idling system

(b) Main metering system

(c) Economiser system

(d) Acceleration pump system [4+4+4+4]


6. (a) Classify different fuel delivery systems for petrol engines? Explain.

(b) What are different problems faced by fuel transfer pump? Explain methods

to rectify them. [8+8]


7. (a) What is the function of transfer pump used in automobile for fuel injection

system ? explain.

(b) Explain different injection nozzles used in diesel engines. [8+8]


8. (a) Discuss the functions of lubrication in an engine?

(b) Explain the properties of the lubricator oil in detail? [8+8]

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