JNTU Question Papers–I B.Tech Regular Exams–Physical Chemistry–May/Jun 2008


I B.Tech Regular Examinations, May/Jun 2008



1. (a) State and explain distribution law. Under what conditions is the law valid?

(b) Discuss the derivation of the distribution law from thermodynamic considerations.

2. Discuss the salient features of water system by labeling the different curves and areas of its phase diagram.

3. (a) Determine the specific reaction rate constant for the decomposition of hydrogen iodide at 200oC using collision theory. The activation energy is 35000cal/gmol. and the collision diameter is 2.5× 10?cm.

(b) How much does a reaction rate with an activation energy of 10000 cal/mol vary when the temperature is increased from 270to 280oK?

4. What is the origin and significance of charge on a colloidal particle? How is the sign on collidal particles determined?

5. Describe the following terms:

(a) Ions in solution

(b) Ionic Reactions, colligative properties

(c) Heat of neutralization

(d) Colour of certain compounds and their solution.

6. (a) Why are potassium or ammonium Nitrate or Potassium chloride preferred to make salt bridges?

(b) How are the e.m.f. of a cell and entropy of the cell reaction related?

7. (a) Explain the Heterogeneous catalysis

(b) How many elementary steps to be followed for their mechanism and mention

the assumption of surface reactions.

8. Explain the following :

(a) Linear scan polarography

(b) Pulse polarography.

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